Microsoft Data Apprenticeship Opportunity (London, UK)

Microsoft Data Apprenticeship Opportunity (London, UK)

Microsoft are currently offering a unique opportunity to join their Apprentice Data Academy and earn a Level 6 Digital Technology Solutions Professional qualification with a 3-year employment contract as part of the Future Forward Apprentice Program.

Microsoft Data Apprenticeship Opportunity (London, UK)

Are you ready to embark on a journey that will empower you with invaluable skills and knowledge to navigate the world of data in a dynamic environment? Join Microsoft’s Digital and Technology Solutions Apprenticeship program and become an integral part of their mission to empower everyone on the planet to achieve more.

This program is designed to empower you with the skills and knowledge to work with data in a fast-paced and dynamic environment.

You will learn how to source, format, and present data securely, using essential tools like Microsoft Excel, Power BI, and SQL. You will also benefit from the world-class training and resources provided by Microsoft and its partners. Your newfound data skills will be put to good use as you work to provide insights and solutions to Microsoft’s UK business and help them to achieve their goals.

Program Structure:

During the first 18 months, Microsoft Apprentices will study towards 8 x 20 credit Degree Modules on the following 4 x module “pairings”:

• Data and Business Analysis (C20@L4)
• Networks and Hardware (C20@L4)

• Software Fundamentals (C20@L4)
• Cyber Fundamentals (C20@L4)

• Introduction to AI & ML (C20@L4)
• Mathematics, Statistics and Collaborative Research (C20@L4)

• Cloud Architecture (C20@L5)
• Low Code Software Development (C20@L5)

During the latter 24 months, Microsoft Learners will then work on their own professional development and reflectively implement and report on workplace solutions related to their Specialism and Specialist taught modules, such as:

• Principles of Data Analytics (C20@L5)
• Business System Design (C20@L5)
• Programming for Data Analytics (C40@L6)

All of this will be underpinned by a module focusing on Leadership, Management and Technology Strategy (C20@L6)

Here are just a few of the day to day responsibilities you could learn and excel at during your Digital and Technology Solutions Apprenticeship…

• Collaborating on your projects with internal and external stakeholders
• Craft compelling narratives using data in your reporting.
• Using your problem solving skills to create optimisations in Microsoft’s business functions


Microsoft can’t achieve their mission to empower everyone on the planet to achieve more unless their employees can do their best work. Their perks, benefits, and everything between are essential to their success. Some small, some large, all necessary. Microsoft believe in taking care of their employees. As part of the apprenticeship program, you’ll enjoy:

• Generous time away
• Discounts on products and services
• Giving programmes
• Access to wellbeing programmes
• Educational resources
• Maternity and paternity leave

DEADLINE: 22 January, 2024

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