(x43) Forty-three internship profiles are now available on ILO Jobs

Forty-three internship profiles are now available on ILO Jobs

The International Labour Organization is a United Nations agency whose mandate is to advance social and economic justice by setting international labour standards.

ILO Internships: x43 vacancies

Internship on Legal services
Internship on Digital transformation in Skills and Lifelong Learning
Internship on Digital economy and inclusive employment interventions
Internship on Digital Transformation of Work Research
Internship on Data analysis on Wages and Productivity
Internship on Labour Market Diagnostics and Research
Internship on Skills and Lifelong Learning Policy
Internship in the Policy Evaluation Team of the Research Department
Internship on Freedom of Association
Internship on labour statistics and data processing with a focus on international labour migration
Internship on Social Protection
Internship on employment creation through improved employment impact assessments
Internship on Communication and Knowledge Sharing for Employment Intensive Investment Programme
Internship on Employment Services and Active Labour Market Policies for Transitions
Internship on Evaluation in ILO/EVAL/ILO
Internship on International Labour Standards Policy
Internship on development economics, sustainable development, technology and innovation
Internship on International Labour Standards and Labour Law
Internship on multilateral cooperation and sustainable development
Internship on Just Transition and Decent Work in Climate Change Policy
Internship on Social Dialogue and Tripartism
Internship on Communication
Internship on Communications
Internship in Library Services, Operations and Information Management
Internship on applied behavioural science
Internship on Workers’ Safety and Health in Global Supply Chains
Internship on Research and Statistics on Child Labour and Forced Labour
Internship on Value Chain and Market Systems Development
Internship on Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E)
Internship in Human Resources Development
Information Technology (IT) Security / Cybersecurity
Internship in translation services
Internship on Enterprise Formalization
Internship on development cooperation support
Internship on Donor Relations
Internship on Social Protection in Cambodia
Internship on Microsoft SharePoint Migration
Internship on policy and communication
Internship on Communications
Internship on Extending Social Protection for new forms of work and informal workers in India
Intern – CO-Sri Lanka and the Maldives
Internship on development cooperation and communication

DEADLINE: 17 May 2023

MORE OPPORTUNITIES: The OPEC Fund Annual Award for Development (AAD): US$100,000 prize

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