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Sustainable Finance Coordinator (Part-time 60%) Home Based Position at UNDP

Sustainable Finance Coordinator (Part-time 60%) Home Based Position at UNDP

The Sustainable Finance Coordinator will work under the direct supervision of the SDG Finance Advisor, Finance Sector Hub and in close collaboration with the other SFH and BPPS team members.

Sustainable Finance Coordinator (Part-time 60%) Home Based Position at UNDP

UNDP is the knowledge frontier organization for sustainable development in the UN Development System and serves as the integrator for collective action to realize the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

UNDP’s policy work carried out at HQ, Regional and Country Office levels, forms a contiguous spectrum of deep local knowledge to cutting-edge global perspectives and advocacy. In this context, UNDP invests in the Global Policy Network (GPN), a network of field-based and global technical expertise across a wide range of knowledge domains and in support of the signature solutions and organizational capabilities envisioned in the Strategic Plan. 

Within the GPN, the Bureau for Policy and Programme Support (BPPS) has the responsibility for developing all relevant policy and guidance to support the results of UNDP’s Strategic Plan. BPPS’s staff provides technical advice to Country Offices, advocates for UNDP corporate messages, represents UNDP at multi-stakeholder fora including public-private dialogues, government and civil society dialogues, and engages in UN inter-agency coordination in specific thematic areas. In addition, BPPS works closely with UNDP’s Crisis Bureau (CB) to support emergency and crisis response. While ensuring that issues of risk are fully integrated into UNDP’s development programmes, BPPS also assists UNDP and partners to achieve higher quality development results through an integrated approach that links results-based management and performance monitoring with more effective and new ways of working. Lastly, BPPS supports UNDP and partners to be more innovative, knowledge and data driven including in its programme support efforts.

In order to streamline its financial and investment engagement, UNDP launched the Sustainable Finance Hub (SFH), a finance and innovation platform, that draws on a critical mass of UNDP expertise, initiatives, and partnerships to support the mobilization and leveraging of resources for the SDGs and lead the implementation of the new UNDP private sector strategy and other initiatives. The Hub is an integral part of both the Bureau for Policy and Programme Support (BPPS) and the Bureau of External Relations and Advocacy (BERA), as well as part of the GPN. The Hub serves as a connector, broker and global coordinator among internal and external actors; curates and manages UNDP’s catalogue of service offers on SDG financing to governments, investors and companies, via the COs, to significantly enhance the scale and impact of UNDP’s work.

Through the SFH, UNDP has been increasing its engagement in global financial and economic policy making through the work carried out in different forums (I.e., G7, G20, UN’s FfD process, etc.) as well as other regulatory and market-based networks (i.e., Financial Centres for Sustainability Network (FC4S), Sustainable Insurance Forum (SIF), APEC Sustainable Finance Development Network (SFDN), etc). Recently, a new partnership has been reached with the Irish Government to support these market-based networks.

Duties and Responsibilities

The Sustainable Finance Coordinator will be responsible for supporting UNDP Sustainable Finance Hub in providing expertise related to the uptake and implementation of the sustainable finance agenda in its various forms, particularly across Global Policy Processes projects, and Financial Centres for Sustainability (FC4S) projects.

  • Support in the development of proposals and engagement with potential funding opportunities 
  • Support and/or coordinate the development of Agendas and the preparation of Events.
  • Manage relationships and engagement with other international financial policy making platforms such as APEC, ASEAN, IPSF, CFM.
  • Support the outreach and engagement with UNDP country offices to seek collaboration on relevant projects related to the G20 Sustainable Finance Agenda and Financial Centeres for Sustainability work. 
  • Prepare briefing notes for the SFH Director and designees at the Executive Office of the Administrator, and others, as necessary.
  • Support the development technical documents, reports and briefs for the G20 Sustainable Finance Working Group Presidency and Co-chairs.
  • Prepare and support partnership discussions with the other global sustainable finance network enabling these join hands with SFH in developing a strong new range of activities. 
  • Coordinate the engagement and relationships management with FC4S European Members, including the operationalization of the FC4S Workplan in Europe, coordination of communications with members. 
  • Prepare and support partnership discussions with the other global sustainable finance network enabling these join hands with FC4S in developing a strong new range of activities with European financial centres in relation to the work plan.

Institutional Arrangement

The Sustainable Finance Coordinator will work under the direct supervision of the SDG Finance Advisor, Finance Sector Hub and in close collaboration with the other SFH and BPPS team members.


Core Competencies

  • Achieve Results: LEVEL 2: Scale up solutions and simplifies processes, balances speed and accuracy in doing work
  • Think Innovatively: LEVEL 2: Offer new ideas/open to new approaches, demonstrate systemic/integrated thinking
  • Learn Continuously: LEVEL 2: Go outside comfort zone, learn from others and support their learning
  • Adapt with Agility: LEVEL 2: Adapt processes/approaches to new situations, involve others in change process
  • Act with Determination: LEVEL 2: Able to persevere and deal with multiple sources of pressure simultaneously
  • Engage and Partner: LEVEL 2: Is facilitator/integrator, bring people together, build/maintain coalitions/partnerships
  • Enable Diversity and Inclusion: LEVEL 2: Facilitate conversations to bridge differences, considers in decision making 

Cross-Functional & Technical competencies:

  • Partnership management – Multi-stakeholder engagement: 
    • Multi-stakeholder engagement and funding-Knowledge and ability to forge multi-stakeholder partnerships, and remove any obstacles to resource mobilization and multi-stakeholder funding platform
  • General (across the functions) – Event planning: 
    • Event planning and execution-Ability to plan, manage and execute of public and private events to ensure that they support and amplify individual communications and advocacy initiatives, as well as UNDP’s overall brand and mandate
  • Digital & Innovation Solutions mapping – Solution Mapping: 
    • Ability to appreciate and integrate various sources of knowledge (academic, experiential, observational, traditional, indigenous) in problem-solving processes. Set up structures and processes to collect ideas, and solutions and facilitate matchmaking between supply and demand of solution
  • Digital & Innovation – Co-creating: 
    • Ability to design and facilitate a process that enables a diverse group of stakeholders to solve a common problem, develop a practice, or create knowledge together. Ability to embrace diversity, work with a diverse group of stakeholders understand their interests, perspectives and views and tap into to them as a source for creativity. Ability to facilitate processes and create conditions that are open for diverse inputs, stimulate collaboration and sharing

Desired skills in addition to the competencies covered in the Competencies section:

  • Understanding of SDG Impact finance related instruments.
  • Experience working with a UN system or multilateral development agency.
  • Experience in financial markets, sustainability and ESG topics
  • Experience with data and statistical analysis
  • Experience in analyzing national budgets, Medium Term and national development plans

Required Skills and Experience


  • Master degree or Bachelor’s degree in business/public administration, economics, social sciences, finance, international relations or a related discipline.


  • Bachelor degree with A minimum of two (2) years of professional experience in project management; economic, political, and sustainable development research and analysis; reporting and presentation elaboration
  • Master degree with no experience.

Required skills:

  • Experience with data and innovation related project management for sustainable development
  • Experience coordinating across a variety of geographically dispersed stakeholders.
  • Experience in the representation of data and information through summary tables, graphs, and PowerPoint presentations, and in writing reports
  • Experience in event management and knowledge of Project management tools


  • Proficiency in English language: verbal, writing, and editing skills.


Pending pandemic resolution, UNDP will cover the cost of travel of the individual to the duty station, as well as their return to their home upon completion of their services. Travel costs are covered only in the event that the function will be undertaken physically in the duty station and excludes working from home arrangements.

Cost of other travel, as deemed necessary by UNDP while performing the outlined functions, shall be at UNDP’s expense and in accordance with the applicable UNDP travel policy. 

The following documents shall be required from the applicants:

  1. Personal CV or P11, indicating all past positions held and their main underlying functions, their durations (month/year), the qualifications, as well as the contact details (email and telephone number) of the Candidate, and at least three (3) the most recent professional references of previous supervisors. References may also include peers.
  2. A cover letter (maximum length: 1 page) indicating why the candidate considers him-/herself to be suitable for the position.

Any other materials relevant to pre-assessing the relevance of the applicants’ qualifications and experience, such as diplomas, certificates, reports, presentations, publications, campaigns, etc. may be additionally requested at the discretion of a hiring manager.

DEADLINE: 14 December, 2023

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