Seven (7) Associate Vacancies at BMW South Africa (manufacturing and assembling) | Youth Opportunities

Seven (7) Associate Vacancies at BMW South Africa (manufacturing and assembling)

Seven (7) Associate Vacancies at BMW South Africa (manufacturing and assembling)

The body in white production team is responsible for the manufacturing and assembling of the body in white at Plant Rosslyn.

Seven (7) Associate Vacancies at BMW South Africa (manufacturing and assembling)

Summary of duties

•           To be able to perform all tasks in his section requested by his Superior

•           To adhere to the ISO 9000/ ISO 14000 and BS8800 standards, procedures, policies and working instructions at all time, which are applicable to him.

•           To effectively apply self inspection in his work station, his immediate environment and on his own Health & Safety.

•           Operate all fixtures, jigs and load parts, as per Operating Instructions.

•           Ensure that correct tools, abrasives are used.

•           Ensure housekeeping at work station and good time keeping.

•           To participate and communicate problems effectively to Team Leader.

•           To achieve and maintain product quality (QZ) targets, productivity and volume requirements.

•           Ensure a high quality of workmanship and to adhere to all safety rules and requirements

•           Participate actively in PIP, CIP, communication and problem solving sessions

•           Identify Safety, Health and Environment related hazards within his area and report the hazards to either his Team Leader or Health & Safety rep.

•           Adhere to the wearing of the required PPE (personal protective equipment).

•           Maintain a clean and pollution free environment.

•           Report all incidents to the Emergency number x3003 or Team leader

•           Adhere to the South African legal requirements in terms of Environment and Health & Safety, as communicated by the Team Leader

•           Adhere to the CHI (Chemical handling instructions) when using chemicals.

•           Operate all equipment safely

•           Responsible for separating waste.

Job Requirements

•           Education:    Gr 12

•           Experience:    1yr (possibly in BMW)

•           Knowledge and Skills:    Through knowledge and skills of Body shop line techniques

•           Language:  Read, write and understanding of English and Afrikaans

•           Work content:    –

•           Guidelines to adhere to:    ISO 9000/ISO 14000/BS8800, Company policies and procedures, Quality Targets, Volume targets, Team leader instructions

•           Number of subordinates:    –

•           How does the superior control the work?:    Measure against targets and product audits

DEADLINE: 29 April 2024

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