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Nominations are open for News24’s Young Mandelas of 2024

Nominations are open for News24’s Young Mandelas of 2024

Nominations have opened for News24’s Young Mandelas of the Future, an annual newsroom initiative that recognises young South Africans who are making a positive impact on the country.

Nominations are open for News24’s Young Mandelas of 2024

News24’s Young Mandelas project was launched by the publication five years ago to mark Mandela’s centenary birthday. News24 set out to find a new generation of leaders who are taking South Africa forward.

Here are the six categories for Young Mandelas 2024: 

  • Climate Literacy and Sustainability

Any young person who is playing a significant role in responding to the impact of climate change, including efforts and activities that focus on mitigation, adaption, and education.

  • Social Justice

Any young person who is advocating for social justice causes and systemic change, including initiatives and movements related to equal education, LGBTQI+ inclusion, gender, and racial equality, and more. 

  • Innovation

Any young person who is taking steps to create and develop impactful offerings such as products, services, processes, technologies, and business opportunities. 

  • Mental Health 

Any young person who is creating awareness about mental health or providing support services that are addressing issues such as stigma and limited access to care.   

  • Humanitarism

Any young person who is using the resources at their disposal to serve and uplift local communities, including community-based projects, social initiatives or movements which are combating poverty, unemployment, and inequality. 

  • Deepening Democracy

Any young person who is creating platforms and opportunities to strengthen and revitalise democratic values without political affiliation, including electoral education, voting rights, civic engagement, and the rule of law.

DEADLINE: 5 July 2024

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