Internship at UNDP: Governance and Gender (Anti-corruption & Gender-based violence)

Internship at UNDP: Governance and Gender (Anti-corruption & Gender-based violence)

Field of study: Social science area e.g. international development, international relations, political science, human rights, gender studies, public administration, journalism, communications or equivalent.

Internship at UNDP: Governance and Gender (Anti-corruption & Gender-based violence)



As the United Nations’ lead agency on international development, UNDP works in 170 countries and territories to eradicate poverty and reduce inequality. We help countries to develop policies, leadership skills, partnering abilities, institutional capabilities, and to build resilience to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. Our work is concentrated in three focus areas: sustainable development, democratic governance and peace building, and climate and disaster resilience.


The UNDP Seoul Policy Centre (USPC), established in 2011, represents UNDP in the Republic of Korea (ROK), works with the ROK on international development priorities, and shares the development experience and technical expertise of the ROK with other countries. It is one of UNDP’s six global policy centres. USPC works as a facilitator of innovative development cooperation for the achievement of the SDGs in four thematic areas of i) development cooperation modalities and approaches, ii) governance and gender, iii) green recovery and transition, and iv) private sector engagement and development.

Building on the unique development experience of the Republic of Korea and UNDP’s wide Global Policy Network, USPC facilitates knowledge exchanges of SDG-enabling development solutions in the above-mentioned thematic areas through its signature ‘SDG Partnership’ country-support programme and other initiatives, and brokers partnerships between Korea and other countries to help tackle development challenges.

The Centre’s governance and gender work is an integral component of USPC’s programmatic work and aims to i) enhance the visibility and recognition of USPC, UNDP and its work by raising awareness and promoting dialogue and cooperation on the SDG 16 both within and outside of Korea and ii) build and strengthen partnerships, with a focus on i) anti-corruption and ii) sexual and gender-based violence in Korea and elsewhere.

USPC offers a small group of outstanding final-year undergraduate, graduate students, and recent graduates the opportunity to acquire direct exposure to UNDP’s work and gain technical knowledge and experience in international development and multilateral cooperation.

Required Skills and Experience



Candidates must meet one of the following educational requirements:

  • currently in the final year of a Bachelor’s degree; or
  • currently enrolled in a Master’s degree; or
  • have graduated no longer than 1 year ago from a bachelor’s or master’s degree or equivalent studies.

Field of study: Social science area e.g. international development, international relations, political science, human rights, gender studies, public administration, journalism, communications or equivalent.

IT skills:

  • Knowledge of / proficiency in the use of Microsoft Office productivity tools;
  • Proficient in hosting Zoom and other web-based meetings and seminars;
  • Skills in Visual Communication and Graphic Design (including Canva) would be an advantage.

Language skills:

  • English required (fluent);
  • Proven experience in editing/copyediting/proofreading documents preferably on development policy, governance or similar would be an asset;
  • Knowledge of Korean and other UN languages (particularly French or Spanish) is an advantage.


  • UNDP will not pay interns for the internship but will provide a monthly stipend in accordance with the provisions of the UNDP internship policy (as a reference, the stipend for 2023 is set at KRW 1,169,728 per month; the stipend amount for 2024 is subject to change); all other expenses connected with the internship will be borne by the intern or the sponsoring government or institution;
  • UNDP accepts no responsibility for costs arising from accidents and/or illness or death incurred during the internship;
  • Interns are responsible for obtaining necessary visas and arranging travel to and from the duty station where the internship will be performed (the internship opportunities are exclusively available to individuals who possess the legal right to reside and work in Korea);
  • Interns are not eligible to apply for, or be appointed to, any post in UNDP during the period of the internship;
  • Interns must provide proof of enrolment in a health insurance plan;
  • Interns are not staff members and may not represent UNDP in any official capacity;
  • Interns are expected to work full time but flexibility is allowed for education programmes;
  • Interns need to obtain financing for subsistence and make their own arrangements for internship, travel, VISA, accommodation, etc.;
  • Interns will accrue leaves at a rate of 1.5 days per month and will be granted off-days on official UN holidays for the Republic of Korea. If exceptional leave arrangements are necessary, requests must be submitted to and approved by the supervisors in advance to ensure adequate office arrangements

DEADLINE: 24 December, 2023

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