Four (4) Officer posts (Bill Review) at the Road Accident Fund: Job Posting Salary: R434,656.00

Four (4) Officer posts (Bill Review) at the Road Accident Fund: Job Posting Salary: R434,656.00

The Road Accident Fund’s mission is to provide appropriate cover to all road users within the borders of South Africa; to rehabilitate and compensate persons injured as a result of motor vehicle accidents in a timely and caring manner; and to actively promote safe use of our roads.

Four (4) Officer posts (Bill Review) at the Road Accident Fund: Job Posting Salary: R434,656.00

Key Performance Areas

Audit & review medical bills.

  • Analysis of claimed items/services in correlation with available tariff structures and ICD 10 /CPT 4 codes.
  • Requesting motivation for unreasonable accounts
  • Line by line analysis of claim items/service. Matching those appropriate tariffs/ ICD/CPT codes.
  • Flagging rejected items/services.
  • Recommendations to the department responsible for processing payments
  • Auditing medical claims and assisting in technical aspects of bill review
  • Ensure that accounts submitted to the Fund from service providers are valid in terms of RAF guidelines and the Road Accident Fund Act
  • Assess and monitor claims to curb over servicing or abuse and fraudulent claims.
  • Ensuring that the accounts are paid timeously according to the service level agreements.
  • Ensure that the services and treatments claimed are accident related/ (related to the accident under consideration
  • Reduce future healthcare cost and improve efficiencies by analyzing trends in injured person’s use of services.
  • Compare outcomes and cost of different therapeutic modalities and surgical techniques and the information provided.
  • Manage future healthcare costs and improve efficiencies by analyzing trends in utilization of services.
  • Formal assessment of medical necessity and appropriateness of procedures the will be effective in curbing fraud and over servicing unreasonable demand of benefits from victims of road accidents.

Promote good working relations with Stake Holders

  • Check and advise on tariffs used on accounts.
  • Provided training on new developments.

Approve medical expenses in accordance with relevant DOA

  • Authorization in accordance with mandate
  • Inform service provider of payment decision.

Assisting in technical aspects of bill review

  • Develop and manage relationships with department of health services, government dept and other key external stake holders.

Check & approve Payments.

  • Receive invoices and check payment request for accuracy and correctness.

Determine the level of care based on functional ability.

  • Analysis of medical data available e.g. Case Manager’s Reports, Clinical Records and Medico – Legal Reports

Preauthorization of procedures

  • Analyse medical data to determine the need for the service.
  • Timeous assessment of urgent files e.g. Road Shows

Qualifications and Experience

  • Bachelor’s Degree or Advanced Diploma in Nursing/ Allied Health Professions or related qualification
  • Relevant 3 years’ experience in a medical field
  • Registration with the relevant Health Professional Council

DEADLINE: 28 May 2024

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